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Drummond Island is for wintertime off-roading- These courses are all on the State of Michigan land and also just briefly converge each other.

Because of the safety and security problems have gone over listed below-

it is critical that trail cyclists comply with the courses we have highlighted on the map web link listed below.

We are functioning carefully with the local snowmobile brushing organization, along with the regional ORV club to make this benefits everyone.

Drummond Island is for wintertime off-roading-

This Is Where It Gets Complicated

Snow sled trails are funded by the State of Michigan and also are maintained by special trail groomers, which keep the routes cleared, packed, and smooth for snow sleds to travel.

The snowmobile path course goes on both public and private land. These leases are, especially for snowmobile usage.

The ORV path system runs exclusively on the State of Michigan land. There are some areas where the snow sled routes share the ORV paths.

What You Need To Know

Drummond Island is for wintertime off-roading

Because of safety worries, Drummond Island has actually not provided off-roading during the winter season.

It is not risk-free for snow sleds and also Jeeps to ride on the exact same path.

Snowmobiles are much faster and smaller, as well as can pass each other on a groomed snowmobile trail.

Jeeps are slower as well as wider. It would certainly be hard for a Jeep and snowmobile to pass each various other on the designated snowmobile path.

Moving forward

Additionally, tires cut into the groomed path triggering ruts, which can create a snow sled to blow up.

Drummond Island is the dreamland for wintertime off-roading

We are the leaders for off-roading in Michigan and it is our objective to work en masse with the DNR and the State of Michigan to be the premier destination for wintertime off-roading.

With everyone’s cooperation pertaining to the security and land concerns, we will certainly have the ability to make our winter months trail systems much better with each passing year.

We are here to help, so please feel free to call us to discuss this even more to ensure that.

we can assist you to prepare your winter months adventure.

We have recognized 2 locations where ORV Routes have extremely little effect on the snow sled routes.

Only travel on these two routes during the wintertime. This will certainly enable great tracks both for snowmobilers and off-roaders alike.